StagePass 1600 Series Wireless Systems

StagePass 1600 Series Wireless Systems
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  • Manufacturer: CAD
  • Condition: New

StagePass 1600 Series Wireless Systems

UHF 100 Channel Frequency Agile Handheld Wireless System

(1) WX1600 Receiver 
(1) Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Transmitter

Please enjoy the exciting performance the StagePass ™ 1600 Series provides for your next gig. CAD Audio has been creating high-value products since 1938 and prides itself on supporting and developing the live performer. Our design criterion was straightforward: develop a high-performance wireless microphone system agile enough to cope with today’s dynamic RF environment - that is both easy to use and exciting to operate.

The StagePass™ 1600 Series Wireless Systems feature 100 channel frequency agile diversity reception for outstanding connectivity and minimizing multipath interference. Scan-Link™ technology provides instantaneous and automatic channel configuration (First, the receiver conducts an environmental frequency evaluation then selects a channel. Second, the receiver links to the transmitter and sets the transmit frequency automatically). CADLock™ automatic code encoded squelch helps to eliminate unauthorized interference. AA batteries supply >15hrs of battery life. Transmitters have SoftTouch™ On & Mute switches with multi-color LED indicators to monitor mute status and battery life. Metal Chassis provide a durable and formidable shielded enclosure. The 1600 Series receiver offers ¼” and XLR outputs for maximum flexibility and is supplied with rackears and joining kit.

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